Why You Should Consider Moving Your Site from Showit to WordPress

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Last year I made the switch from a Showit hosted website to a Siteground wordpress hosting and thought I would share a few reasons why you might want to as well. I know a lot of my wedding industry friends use Showit, so I wanted to try it out for myself. Unfortunately, for the backend customization I wanted on my WordPress site, the price for Showit just wasn’t worth it for me.

Here’s my review on Showit compared to WordPress:

Pros to Showit

  • drag and drop
  • ease of use
  • community driven
  • (biased) I love that they’re from Arizona!
  • Gorgeous themes ready to use

Cons to Showit

  • You have to pay more to have good plugins
  • Still limited in what plugins can be used
  • A lot of the themes need tweaks made to work
  • Some UX issues that can lead to confusion

To reference on the price comparison for WordPress and Showit:

Having a wordpress site hosted through Siteground will run you $71.40 your first year then $239.40 without discounts the following years. And that includes unlimited websites!

Having a Showit site with a WordPress blog will run you at a minimum $288 for one website.

Elementor also now has their own WordPress hosting that includes their website builder!

(charts are as of August 2023)

While I loved the ease of use, I know a number of WordPress plugins that are just as easy to use. Personally, I use Elementor for all of my clients! I love that it’s easy for my clients to go in and edit without needing to know any sort of code, and it allows for it’s own block drag and drop. I’ll dive more into why I love Elementor in another blog post because it’ll be a long one! haha But one quick perk to Elementor is that it’s FREE!! I personally have their expert package for client work and template designs but you can create a beautiful website without needing their paid subscription. But if you choose one of their paid options… here’s a list of their current pricing!  


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