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Why you should choose Showit for your website hosting

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After sharing why I switched to Siteground WordPress hosting from Showit, I felt it was only fair if I shared why you should have a Showit website hosting. Because if I’m totally honest here, Showit has a lot of great things to offer!

Showit is the website hosting platform for you if…

– You don’t have want to manually update any of the techy backend stuff for a WordPress site

– You want a website that already has gorgeous built in themes that you can quickly update

– You’re looking for a US based company (they’re from Arizona!) with a wonderful community

– You want excelling customer support if issues come up with your website

Choosing to have Showit for your website host means being able to create a website without any coding skills needed. This makes for a smooth transition and an easier launch for your business. They have three separate price points starting with their lowest for those businesses that don’t need blogging capabilities all the way to those wanting more customization with plugins on the backend (for those more nerdy like me.)

With that being said, I plan to create templates that are available for both Elementor and Showit in the future. This will allow my customers and academy students to have more flexibility with their host choices.

Do you already have a website host? I’d love to know what you chose and why!

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