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What to do after you have the business idea to start making money

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What do you do after you have the business idea to start making money? Having a business idea is great and all… but making a profit and getting bills paid is also great. So now what?

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After your business idea comes the business offer

What product or services are you providing to clients or customers? How are you providing value to their life? What ways can you diversity and increase your stream of income?

Whether you choose to prioritize one thing and go all in, or you want to focus on multiple streams of income, the choice is yours. You can be successful with one offer. You can also be successful with multiple offers. It ultimately comes down to what your business idea and offer is, and what your client or customer needs from you.

What to charge to start making money

Having an idea is great… but now it’s time to start making money from it. It’s important to have a realistic estimate of how much you need to be making each month to break even and get bills paid. This is priority number one. After essentials are taken care of, then comes the fun money!

Create a list of your expenses

It’s important to make a list of your regular expenses, and even make a list of your dream life expenses. This allows you to get a better idea of what you will need to make from your business to live your dream life!

Get realistic about how many clients or products you can offer at a time

Burn out is a real thing. There’s also only so much time in the day. Getting realistic about how many clients you can take on is so crucial for the longevity of your business.

Start making people aware of your business offer

You won’t know if people are interested in your offer until you make them aware of what you’re selling. Start showing up! Make the blog post, create the youtube video, get connecting at networking events. Whatever works best for your time and energy, get out and do it! (Or stay in and do it.)

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