What does full service branding and marketing mean?

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Full service branding and marketing studios are a wonderful opportunity to work with one company throughout the entire process of your business. When looking for the right company to work with, it’s important to know what you’re getting. So what does it mean to be this type of studio?

Creating a custom brand identity

One of the first ways I help small businesses is by creating custom branding and website design. I walk them through the mood board, color scheme, and typography creation prior to creating the visual identity. The branding that people tend to think of most is a logo and/or patterns. But this isn’t the immediate step we take. It’s important, but establishing the atmosphere of the brand is the very first step. We’ll also discuss ways to use the branding aspects for things like packaging or gifts!

Creating custom packaging design

If a client has chosen to add in product packaging, our next step will be to determine the nitty gritty. I serve my product branding clients by helping them choose the best product containers and packaging companies that align with their (and my) company values. This generally means choosing the most sustainable and eco-friendly options as possible. I help them with packaging decisions in addition to creating the label designs or delivery. This allows me to enhance the look in a way that shows off the visual branding even more.

Custom website design

If they booked the full branding experience with me, the next step is the website design. I’ll first consider the user experience. How would your client best flow through your website? What would be the simplest way to get them to navigate to the different places we want them to navigate towards. How can we make the flow as easy and to the point as possible with minimal to no confusion? This is the UX side of my design work. Next is taking that newly created visual brand and creating the user interface (UI). This is where I’ll take all of the brainstorming workflows and beautify it with imagery, text, and color!

Workflows and Automation for Small Businesses

I’m all for working smarter not harder, and minimizing the number of tasks that need to be worked through. As small business owners, we already wear too many hats, so I love helping take some of those hats away and into automation. One of the biggest ways I do this is with customized workflow in Dubsado. Another way I can do this is with email workflows in Flodesk. With both examples, my focus is to streamline the brand experience. Whether it’s email marketing or automating within the CRM to save you from doing a ton of busy work, I’m here to help!

Brand Photography and Videography

Photography or videography of things like the products being sold, the team members, or the atmosphere. Which can be applied to the website, social media platforms, Google business listings, advertisements, and so forth! I’m even able to manage your social media with the help of Later, my favorite scheduling app. and social media platform templates to match the newly created visual brand

Full service brand strategy

To sum things up here, I sit with my clients to ensure we are crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” when it comes to the brand experience. From the visual aspect of branding, we dive into ways to amplify the marketing aspect. Because there’s no point in having a gorgeous brand identity if no one can find you.

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