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people who are traveling or who often travel

Traveling isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. It’s a way of feeling alive.
It awakens something in the soul that makes us feel whole.

Which traveler is most like you?

living in the moment

wishing the trip was documented better

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taking all the photos

wishing they actually matched what it felt like

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How will you tell your travel story?

You’re lost in the moment, wanting to take in everything. The sights. The sounds. The tastes. Each location holds something so different from the last. It’s easy to forget to capture it all. It might even feel intimidating to take your camera out in public to begin with. But if you want to be able to share your travels, you have to learn how to document. You have to learn how to tell your own travel story. With so many travel bloggers out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but you don’t have to stay stuck in that feeling. 

It’s easy to look at that camera on your shelf that’s just collecting dust and think, “maybe next time. Maybe next trip.”  Or you could be thinking, “there’s just too many travel bloggers, no one will want to read about my travels.” Stop right there. You’re only telling yourself lies. From here on out you’re going to gain the confidence you need to finally take that camera with you and learn that your story matters. I’m going to help you learn how to tell your travel story in your own special way.

"Okay, that's great and all... but how?"

Let me walk you through a little overview of what I teach in the academy.


Photo 101

Equipment recommendations, Camera basics, Learning manual mode, How to get it right in camera instead of afterward


Position + Lighting

Finding the best angles, Positioning the subject right, Natural lighting and how to time it just right for the best photos


Work flow

Backing up photos so you don’t lose them, Culling photos and editing, Exporting, Social media storage for easy sharing


Content Sharing

Writing your story, Platforms to use, Hashtags. Geotagging. Planning ahead to create consistency.

If all of this has you going "YES PAH LEAASSEE!!"
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"I want it and I need it right now"

If you’re catching what I’m putting down and you’re like, “I get it. I’m ready. Let’s do the dang thing.” Then let’s get you in the doors! Students of mine have gained confidence they didn’t know they had in them, and many have started making money off of something they whole heartedly enjoy! They’re able to share their travel story and dive deeper into their photography passions.

One student of mine has already made $3,000 in photography gigs just from diving into the first section of the academy. I want to see all of my students winning. When you join the academy, you aren’t just getting education, you’re gaining me as your cheerleader, because I want to see you pushing for your dreams! Everyone deserves a support system.

One of my students grew so confident she started her own photo business!
Some of Maddie's Photos after started the travelers academy: