This is why branding your business is so important

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Have you heard the, “it’s just too saturated of a market” excuse? This is one reason why branding your business is so important. But I want to stop on this point first. It’s easy for us to say that pretty much every single field of work is oversaturated. Look at how many books fill the library shelves. How many coffee shops are in the city nearest you. How many different brands of pens are available. If you want to start that business, there’s room for you. You just need to give it some personality!

This is where branding your business comes into play.

Branding not only allows for a potential consumer to choose your company over another, but it also helps in what you charge as well. Here are some examples of similar items but very different price ranges.

A pair of shoes from Walmart and a pair of Converse:


The gas station coffee versus a local roaster:


McDonalds versus a farm based burger restaurant:



Having a strong brand not only helps you stand out to the right audience in a “saturated” market, but it gives your potential consumers the trust factor to spend their time and money with your small business. What is your branding telling potential consumers?

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