Social Media Marketing

Ready to cross this huge task off your to-do list?

You know the importance of having a presence on social media platforms when it comes to gaining new consumers, but you’re also hella busy and simply don’t have the time.

If you’re ready to outsource the marketing side and focus more on what you do best (running your business or spending time with loved ones) then let’s schedule a call to see if we’re a good fit for one another and your business needs!

What's included in the marketing assistant packages:

Social media marketing packages average at $900 per month,
including most platforms and the option of blogging content


Strategy Session

Each month we’ll setup a call to discuss your goals, any promotions, and key focuses for content throughout the entire month. We’ll create specific pillars and how the voice of your brand. 


Competition Analysis

We’ll see how you can stand out amongst the competition by showcasing your brand’s spark, the reason a potential consumer would want to work with you over another company.


Keyword research

What are your ideal clients looking for, what are they doing on social media? We’ll dive into all of these things to ensure better quality reach.



We’ll discuss the growth comparison, what attracted people, what didn’t and ways to improve for the next month

"Our social media has improved 100% because of her. I keep getting complimented"

“Melissa has been working with boxing therapy and fitness for a month now. Melissa has total control of our website and social media. She took our website from just a basic information and completely changed our whole page and it’s amazing.

We already have seen people starting to show interest in our program now. Our social media has improved 💯 because of her. I keep getting complimented on her work and it’s so much easier now. Melissa is amazing what she does and has passion for what she does it’s amazing.”