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Showit just launched a membership option, what does that mean?

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Showit just shared an update about a membership option, so I wanted to share how great of an asset that can be for additional revenue in your business! In previous posts I’ve mentioned my love for Showit, especially if you don’t need to add a lot of additional plugins. You can find it here. As a UX/UI designer, it’s simply easier for me to do a self-hosted WordPress site with the help of Elementor. But I’ve always had a love for the ease of use that Showit provides (especially for non-designers.) Not to mention that they’re US based. Actually they’re from my “home” state!

What a Showit membership option can do for your business

Showit in particular uses MemberSpace as their option of choice. But they also have Learndash for courses and some others. You do need to have the advanced option with Showit in order to have these plugins, but there is a huge benefit to having a membership for your business!

1. You can bring in passive income

One of the biggest benefits to a membership is the idea of passive income. You’re able to offer a monthly payment plan to share additional content that matches your current audience. Maybe you want to offer mini art classes or downloadables to people that were interested in your art work. A membership is a great way to offer this solely to your members while also getting paid for your time.

2. It creates a curiosity

People often want what they don’t have. They want to know what’s behind that closed page. You’ll be able to create a demand or special offers and share exciting sneak peeks of members only activities that will have people wanting more!

3. A membership helps showcase your expertise

By offering a membership with Showit, you’ll be able to further show off your expertise in a subject. Whether it’s already available content or monthly specials, having a membership option can greatly improve the proof that you know your issshhh! Bake cookies? Do a monthly recipe and challenges in our membership. It’s a great way to grow your community.

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