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Rebrand and website design for destination wedding planner: KDP Events

Getting to strategize and create the rebranding and website design for destination wedding planner, KDP Events was such a beautiful experience. I was lucky enough to experience first hand the amazing service she provides while attending a photographer workshop in Downtown Chandler. She was the event coordinator making sure everything flowed smoothly from the outside perspective, and it did!

A few years later, Karen reached out to me because she knew it was time to make adjustments to her visual branding as her company continues to grow. And I knew just how to showcase her amazing services in a visual brand aspect!

The color scheme:

Although KDP Events is a destination wedding planner, Karen wanted to incorporate a desert atmosphere to her brand image.

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The logo variations:

We created a few variations of both a simplified K and the full KDP to showcase her logo design. I loved creating this almost petal like aspect the the lettering of the simplified K since a part of the wedding planning includes flowers at some point!

The website:

We wanted an easy to navigate flow for people to see the in-depth detail she places into her planning services. While also showing the detail she puts into the wedding day.

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rebranding and website design Client review:

If you’re considering hiring Melissa with The Branded Academy, JUST DO IT! Any business that has been around longer than a few years needs to relook at their website, marketing, and social media presence to be sure that they are still relevant and communicating well with their current and potential clients. I’m Karen with KDP Events a wedding planning business in Arizona.

I began to consider changing up a few items for my website just to be sure that images and reviews were updated, but it turned out that a whole revamping was necessary. Oh where to start? I coordinate weddings, I am not a web designer. Coding is not my thing, so this was a daunting task.

From the beginning when I connected with Melissa and told her my vision, she knew to use layman’s terms with me.

She made the process simplified and easy for me. She asked me questions like “What does your ideal office space look like?” To draw out the style I wanted for my new look. Melissa redesigned my logo, she plugged her own extensive knowledge of WordPress (in my instance), and designed a beautifully crafted website for my clients to discover. I am thrilled with the outcome, but was delighted with the process. Melissa is a one of a one and I recommend her to help you with your branding process with no reservations!

Karen P., Wedding Planner

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