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Make every day earth day with these eco-friendly business ideas

Start making every day Earth Day with these eco-friendly business ideas! I’ve separated them into different ideas with reference to companies I either use for myself, or admire for what they have to offer.

Refillable with reusable containers

I personally just started using Blueland and love that they offer subscriptions and will send refills in compostable bags. This has helped me maintain minimal waste thanks to their reusable containers for house cleaning essentials. A favorite thing I see offered at breweries, cider houses, and so forth is the option of buying a growler or crowler instead of solely cans. Allowing for old candle vessels to be brought in and not only clean the original container, but refilling with a new scent, is another great option! Near & Native or Sea Love in Maine are two companies I’ve seen that offer this!

Being resourceful with packaging material

Choosing ways to minimize waste and being resourcesful with packaging is a great way to help be more eco-friendly. Recycled materials, sustainably created packaging, and so forth. Noissue is one of those companies that I really admire for the products they offer when it comes to packaging without losing the branded experience. Biodegradable peanuts is another add-on!

Create a recycling program

Nespresso offers a recycling program for their capsules to get mailed so you don’t have to take care of it. They’ll even supply a prepaid package for you so all you have to do is fill the bag and mail it in! Many stores have started implementing recycling programs by offering recycling bins at the front of their stores. For example, Best Buy does this for electronics and wiring. Apple does this too for their electronics and will send you packaging! Not exactly a recycling program specifically, but Rothy’s uses recycled material (like single-use water bottles) to create their products!

Locally source supplies for your business

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, wood shop designer, or etc, doing your best to locally source can be a huge benefit for the environment. It can help lower emissions, allow for lower order amounts (less waste) and so forth! It also helps with ensuring your local community is employed. Of course locally sourcing isn’t always a possibility, but can help.

Print on demand to minimize waste

While POD options are more expensive than bulk ordering, it can be helpful to minimize waste. This is especially true as you’re figuring out what your customers like and don’t like. Whether you’re ordering from an actual print of demand shop (add a blog link about print on demand options), heat pressing your own designs as ordered (link to different heat press options), or simply ordering smaller print quantities from a local print shop near you… these are ways you can leave minimal waste on your end!

I hope these different eco-friendly business ideas were helpful!

Do you have additional recommendations? Let me know!

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