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Juiced, a mock wine branding and packaging design project

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Juiced, drinks for adults. An inspired mock wine branding focused on bringing a childlike freedom for “wine” -ing down! Whether you come into the wine bar for a drink or choose to take something to go, Juiced is here!⁠

Brand focus words: playful – joyous – freedom – vibrant – ease

Creating the mood board

When creating the mock board and main colors of choice, I was focused on how to create a playful environment. Something that brought joy seeing the vibrance. From the mood board, I put together the five lead colors and some additional tints/shades to give a better color scheme idea to work with!

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The logo variations

We used a more playful bubbled font to symbolize the lighthearted energy of Juiced while adding an abstract wine glass to showcase we aren’t a healthy smoothie bar or the like.

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abstract wine glass, winery brand designer, wine logo design, abstract logo ideas, winery branding design

Pattern ideas

The pattern selection is one of my favorite elements. Using the abstract wine glass while incorporating the lead colors to bring a playful energy to the setting.

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Tangible product ideas for the wine company

Paired with the help of Mr Mockup and noissue psd files, I created these wine branding mock designs of the ways Juiced could use their branding with their brand experience in the form of product delivery.

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