How to create a brand mood board and color scheme in under 30 mins!

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It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting a business or you’re looking to rebrand. Learning how to create a brand mood board and color scheme for your business is a great way to build an experience inspiration board for your brand! It’s a perfect tool for seeing if your current branding still aligns with the vision you have for your business. While this is something that I do for my custom design clients, I understand that not everyone has the budget to hire out. Lucky for you, I have a free mini training to teach you how to create one for yourself!

Download my free brand mood board and color scheme canva template

During the free mini training, you’ll get access to the Canva template I created (shown below). I also created a video walkthrough to show you how to take it from bland to magic! I can’t wait to see what you create!

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This is a limited time training that I’m offering, and you can get instant access to it right now!

After you fill out the form you’ll get brought instantly into the mini course, I’m excited to see you there!

I’ll teach you how to create a brand mood board and color scheme like these:

This is only one of the many lessons I teach the students in the DIY program about! Learn more about it here.

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