Ghostwriting for Creatives

Let’s be honest, you probably won’t actually blog that session. I know what you’re thinking, “no no.. it’s on my list. I have all of my galleries ready!”

“I’m going to start blogging next week.”

Hasn’t everyone said that?

But then a week goes by, a month goes by, and next thing you know you’re 10+ sessions behind and missing out on the potential for thousands of dollars in leads!

Branding and Website Designer

What if I said I have your back?

That as a former photographer myself, I know what needs done on the backend to ensure your photos and blog posts are actually searchable on the web.

So that your website is actually getting traffic.

What if I told you that working with me could relieve all of that to-do list stress and help you with long term results?

That if you were to outsource this chore of a task, it could bring your business thousands of dollars in return.

No need to spend hours sorting through search terms, gallery photos, and figuring out what to write… it can all be done for you.

Doesn’t that make you feel relieved?

One blog post done right could score you thousands of dollars in bookings!

Not to mention that outsourcing gets to be a tax write-off!

All I’m seeing is a win-win situation for you.

If you’re reading all of this going “yes… yes please. I AM READY.”

You probably would like to know what it’ll cost ya.

Well, I believe in being transparent, so I’ll tell you!

options available:



I’ll go back in and update your old posts and images to be search engine optimized.

“Do old posts even matter?” Yesssss. In fact Google and other search engines actually love to see old content getting updated!


I’ll go through your gallery, choose highlight images, create a post, and make everything SEO friendly.


I offer bundled options at a discounted rate, because I truly want to see you succeeding! This covers the updating of 8 old posts. 


Choose 8 different topics or sessions you’d like to have blogged and I’ll do the rest. 

Why a bundle of 8 posts?

Because 8 blogs averages out to 2 scheduled posts per week which will greatly increase your reach in a shorter amount of time than doing one a week or periodically hiring me to do a one-off post (not nearly as beneficial unless you’re already blogging regularly).

The goal is to build momentum for your business, which helps attract more qualified clients and makes search engines happy and more likely to rank you higher as well!

If this sounds like something for you, let’s hop on a call and choose a blogging bundle that works best for your business goals!