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Five reasons why I love using Dubsado for my business and you will too

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For the last nearly seven years I have loved using Dubsado for my business, and I want to share why you will too!

If you’re looking for a way to automate your business and create workflows so you can do less busy work, Dubsado is one of my absolute favorite tools to use.

As a ride or die since circa 2015, I’ve had a few years to watch the Dubsado team’s dedication to small businesses. I’ve been able to see how they interact with small businesses, address concerns, and create additional tools to make our lives that much easier.

1. Workflows to create automation

This is a newer aspect that only continues to become a greater tool for small businesses. You’re able to create a workflow that allows Dubsado to do most of the work for you. All you have to do is an initial setup and *magic wand flick* you’re set for automated tasks! I love this because it helps keep us small business owners from doing fifty tasks all the time. If you are already a Dubsado user and struggle with this, let’s get in touch. This is a service I offer!

2. Forms, Invoices, Contracts, and Questionnaires

This is what I initially joined Dubsado for. I loved that there was a way to streamline having forms on my website submitted directly into a management platform where I could send my clients invoices, contracts, or questionnaires. The best part is you can have these created once and make minor alterations for each client. Talk about a time saver!

3. Built in scheduler and customizable schedules

This is a newer (last few years) add-on that is another blessing. Not only can you setup a scheduler, but you can also have them schedule and pay an invoice in order to save a date. You’re able to create different schedule settings which is perfect if you offer different meeting rates or times!

4. The Dubsado team is amazing

As I mentioned at the start, I’ve been with Dubsado since 2015 so I’ve had years of watching their interactions with other small businesses and the way they work with concerns of small businesses. They’ve grown so much and always have been wonderful!

5. They’re always working on building up

Like with reason 4, Dubsado listens to the needs of small businesses and they’re regularly building the machine. What started for me as mostly questionnaires, forms, and invoice/contracts is now so much more. They added in a scheduling option. The team created ways to link with other business tools like Quikbooks. Dubsado listens to our needs and does their best to make adjustments or add-ons as they can develop them.

If you aren’t currently using Dubsado for your business, I have an affiliate code and would love for you to get a discount on their plans! I do get commission from it, but as mentioned, I’ve been with Dubsado since 2015 and have no plans for leaving!

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Interested in having someone do the workflow for you? That’s where I come in!

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