Best Low Cost Startup Business Ideas for 2024

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If you’re looking to start a business before the start of 2024, here are some of the best low cost startup business ideas to consider! Keep in mind that each person’s definition of “low cost” may defer. This list of business ventures is mostly to help spark your curiosity. Ultimately, you should focus on something you already know you’re talented in and passionate about. Check to see if there are other businesses doing what you’re wanting to do, and how you can stand out.

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1. Decluttering and Organizing Home Services

Do you have a love for decluttering and organization? I promise you not everyone else feels the same way. This skillset of yours could become your very own startup service! Start with those within your neighborhood, maybe do some small projects for free or heavily discounted to get some great before and afters (or do it with your own home). This is a great low cost way of starting a business.

2. Become a Self-Published Author

If you have book ideas, you can get them onto a word document and publish them. Becoming a self-published author can be a great low cost business idea with the help of print of demand companies like Amazon KDP, Ingramsparks, and Kindle.

3. Start a Print on Demand Company: Shirts, Stickers, + More

Print of demand companies aren’t the most cost effective long term, but can be super beneficial when starting a company on a low cost budget. Using print on demand shops like Printify or Printful, you’ll be able to test multiple design styles, colors, and not spend a large invoice fee on bulk orders. Find out what people love the most, then consider working with a local print shop later!

4. Turn your kitchen into a bakery or catering business

Love baking tasty treats or creating amazing meals for guests? Have people regularly told you that you could sell them? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of owning a bakery or running your own kitchen… well the good news is you can start small! Take on pre-orders to get money for the ingredients you need, then get to creating! Depending on where you live, you can also rent from local industrial kitchens.

5. Start an online or in person fitness program

This one may or may not be cost effective depending on your budget or necessities. There are a number of certification fitness programs available from companies such as ACE Fitness, NASM, ISSA, and more. You can set out flyers or connect with businesses in your area about fitness programs you’re hosting in the area, or get connecting online!

6. Tidying and Cleaning Home Services

We all want a clean home, but not all of us have the time. If you find joy in creating a serene home from tidying up and getting a home deep cleaned, this could be a great option for you!

7. Freelance Virtual Services

There are so many different opportunities in the virtual freelance space. From virtual assistants, website designers, social media managers, and more. Look at some of the different things you’re naturally good at, that others may struggle with (or simply not have the time or mental energy for) and get to offering!

8. Open up a photography business

I started out with a $400 used Canon 5D classic, and a used 50mm camera lens. I started second shooting (photographing as an assistant) at weddings for $200-300 a wedding day, booked my very first wedding at $900, and continued to move up to $3,200 wedding day packages within the first few years. But you don’t have to do weddings, you can focus on what you enjoy photographing. Start a print store to showcase your artwork and allow others to order from you!

9. Sell your own artwork or photographs

Start a print store to showcase your artwork and allow others to order from you! Whether it’s canvas art, landscape photography, or digital creations… you can open up your own virtual storefront to sell your products!

10. Become a ghost writer for other businesses

Does writing come easy to you? Maybe you’re a genius at creating content both interested and search engine optimized… this could be a perfect way to offer services for your own business. From being a ghost writer for other small businesses, writing blogs, website copy, and more. You might even help with ghost writing a book for someone!

11. Repair Services

Maybe you’re the handy type that can fix everything around the house or the car. Get yourself established based off the services you can provide with the tools you currently have, then continue to build as you have the funds for more!

12. Offer pet services to those in your area

From pet sitting to dog washing, and even dog walking… you can slowly build a pet lover’s dream job at a low startup cost. Maybe you have dreams of running your own doggy daycare, but not at the financial spot to get there just yet… keep faith and know you can get there!

13. Run an event planning service

Whether it’s an intimate wedding, a small business conference, or maybe even a highly orchestrated birthday party… there is a need for someone to coordinate and plan events. Maybe you excel (intentional) and time management and organizing multiple moving pieces. If fighting metaphorical fires in the background to keep an event running smoothing is your bread and butter, this might just be the startup business idea for you!

14. Start a personal or niched blog

A lot of people thing that personal blogging or niched websites are dead, but the truth is you still have far more control over it than social media platforms. Blogs allow you to create content that is searchable and far more timeless than a post on social media, though both have their benefits! Make money through digital downloads, courses, affiliate marketing, and brand deals!

These are just a few low cost startup business ideas.

There are so many different types of businesses starting each and every day. Take a moment to map out what you would need to charge, and how much of your products or services you’d need to sell, then start achieving your dream career path!

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