My branding and design journey started in junior high

Harry Potter themed neopets guild owner here

I started my design journey about 15 years ago thanks to the beautiful world of Neopets. My summers would be spent pulling all nighters with a co-host as we game planned our up and coming Harry Potter guilds, strategizing all of the ways we could make ours stand out amongst the hundreds of others available by the time we officially announced our guild was opening. We even planned out how team members could market us to bring in more members and an active community.

Little did I know, I was already dabbling into brand strategy and designing expertise at fifteen. All while enjoying the nerd life through junior high and parts of high school. Yes, I’m still about that nerd life, it’s adjusted a bit over the years though Thank goodness it became a profitable skillset.

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Founder of The Branded Academy

"Had it not been for being my own boss, I wouldn't have made it."

Shortly after high school I ran off to join the Army and figure my life out. I wanted to become a sports medicine doctor, but also a hundred other things. Fast forward a few years and I gained the label of military spouse and solo parenting mom. A few business ventures and a Bachelors in Marketing later, I gained a new label of Gold Star spouse after four years of a not so great marriage. Had it not been for being my own boss, I wouldn’t have made it.

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"whether you think you can or can't, you're right."

– Henry Ford

I'm a huge advocate for pursuing your dreams no matter what

Because the nine to five isn't security

I spent a number of years in the start of my business with self-doubt. I had let all of the limiting beliefs others had for my life take control over me. I started to believe that the only way I could make money was if I spent a lot of time and money in school. Businesses worked for other people, but not me. It took me being on the verge of homelessness to finally wake up and realize my worth. So if this is you, I’m here to help push you towards your dream career too!

What does The Branded Academy have to offer your business?


We’ll create the visual aspect of your business by means of typography, color schemes, logo design, and website creation. Helping you stand out and start attracting more of your ideals!


This is for you if you’re looking to update headshots, gain behind the scenes photos, get video content, and simply show off your business, products, or services.


Whether it’s getting your website setup for the best search engine optimization, outsourcing your social media, or getting blog posts prepped, this one is for you.


You need to get your time back. We’ll dive into automating your business in a way that makes sense for what you offer, because there’s no reason to be doing it all by hand.

If I wished upon a star and got my dream business to brand for...

We all have our big dream projects right? While I love each of my clients and the changes I’m able to bring to their lives and businesses, I still have my super dream ones that I would die happy to create the full branded experience for. Could we be a match?

Here’s a list of some of my dream categories:

Boutique Hotel

craft brewery

skincare line

clothing boutique


Coffee roaster

food packaging